EAT DA RICH is a sustainability-minded label and lifestyle brand based in Detroit, MI. At all times dedicated to renovating, repurposing and reusing materials, EDR has received global recognition for this prosumption fashion trend as the brand has been featured in Vogue Turkey, Sticks and Stones, Man Repeller, NPR’s Culture Shift and MOM Magazine.
Spanning a decade with its anti take-make-waste logic, EDR founder/CEO Simone Else continuously offers a hodgepodge of fabulously freaky up-cycled vintage and handmade goods at eatdarich.com and selected retailers.  
Judging by the EAT DA RICH website, showroom and media coverage, one may assume EDR is composed of a team of creatives. Nope! This is a one womxn run operation. Nonetheless, EDR graciously acknowledges it could not have achieved any amount of success without the many talented creatives involved from models, muses, photographers, etc…
In 2019, Simone opened the EAT DA RICH Showroom located at 5631 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI. - showcasing the work of fellow artists and designers as well as EDR’s latest collections. The EDR Showroom's hours of operation are by appointment only, with the exception of the revolving monthly programming spotlighting featured artists (postponed for 2020 due to the pandemic).
The EDR Showroom as of April 2020 is a donation hub for gloves, masks, sani spray/wipes, non-perishable foods, etc..  All donations go directly to support Auntie Na's Village as well as monthly donations to the cause.  EDR and it's CEO do not shop from places that use prison labor or sweatshops.  EDR is pro choice.  EDR is pro sex work.  We are perpetually doing our part to support local orgs here in Detroit such as WCSAFE, Youth Arts Alliance, Ruth Ellis Center & more.  Money is power!  Defund the police!  Power to the people!
"EAT DA RICH is a non-conformist lifestyle brand based on 'one man's trash is another man's fashion line' sensibilities. Forever working with and inspired by fellow weirdos to create one of a kind wearables from vintage materials with contemporary applications." - Grand Circus Magazine

 "Simone Else embodies what every fashion brand should be. Her collections lie somewhere between fashion and artifact, taking references from pop culture and her personal experiences. Simone Else’s collections are a bricolage of ideas and materials, fashion that is infused with humor and subversive codes. Her collections reflect the cultural moment we live in, making her one of the only real fashion designers in Detroit."   - Aki Choklat | Chair of Fashion Accessories Design CCS


“Known for her BDSM-style “maximum torture” aesthetic, her suggestive placement of clear PVC, and hypersexual subject matter, artist Simone Else is the epitome of Detroit bad bitch.” - METRO TIMES
“Like something pulled from a 1980’s sci-fi movie, Else and her EAT DA RICH line often utilize found or salvaged material and spins it into something new. The final aesthetic is part workwear, part hyper-sexualized couture wear that conjures up a fashion future far filthier than we’ve come to expect.” - CultureShift | WDET