EAT DA RICH is a Detroit based label that was founded in 2010 by artist and designer Simone Else.  Simone is self taught and is constantly reinventing herself and the brand while maintaining the same core values.  Anti-fast fashion and keeping the brand's carbon print small are missions that keep up-cycling a main theme within the work.

In 2019 Simone Else opened the EAT DA RICH Showroom located at 5631 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI.  The brick and mortar allows Else to showcase the work of other artists and designers as well as her latest collections.  The EDR Showroom's hours of operation are by appointment only with the exception of the monthly programming with featured artists.

"EAT DA RICH is a non-conformist lifestyle brand based on 'one man's trash is another man's fashion line' sensibilities. Forever working with and inspired by fellow weirdos to create one of a kind wearables from vintage materials with contemporary applications." - Grand Circus Magazine