P L E A S U R E G A R D E N is an intimately immersive experience with a heavy NSFW theme. The opening of the erotic exhibition will be Friday October 1, 7-10PM. Please won't you join us?
Chloe Sells
Focusing on intimacy, queer magnificence, vulnerability and connection through film photography.
Niche Hitch
Floral art instillation with an emphasis on preserved + fibrous materials. Creating botanical sculptures that are more permanent yet ethereal.
Music by Father Dukes
October 29 2021, 7-10PM
Group exhibition featuring works by Tim Gore, Jason Outkast and Timmy Vulgar.
November 26 2021, 7-10PM
Exhibition featuring works by Kara Meister and Greg Siemasz
December 17 2021, 7-10PM
Exhibition and live performance by Jonnie Prey